CD3 Local Elections are Underway

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7. Voting in local elections is typically light.  SO, YOUR VOTE THIS YEAR IS VERY IMPORTANT.
Many (but not all) cities, towns, and school districts in the 3rd Congressional District are holding elections this year.   

° Use the Secretary of State's to see the names of candidates and questions that will be on the ballot for your precinct, if any.  Find links to additional information about the candidates and ballots questions.

°  Use the Secretary of State's Polling Place Finder to see where you should go to vote, voting hours, and related information.

Early voting is already underway.  We urge you to vote early.  Do not risk Election Day distractions or problems that could keep your voice from being heard.  

° You can go in-person and vote now.  

School Board Candidate Recommendations

Within the 3rd Congressional District, there are School Board races in several school districts.  For recommendations on school board candidates, we urge you to consider those that are supported by the Minnesota Parents AllianceCLICK HERE to see who is listed in your school district.

City Council Candidate Recommendations

We urge you to consider the candidates who have been recommended by local community organizations in whom we trust or with whom we are affiliated:

•  Bloomington -- the Residents for a Better Bloomington -- click on link to see recommended candidates

•  Hopkins -- Senate District 46 Republicans -- Alan Beck

•  Minnetonka -- Senate District 45 -- Carrie Michels

Local Ballot Questions

•  Bloomington -- to increase the local sales tax to 9.025% -- Residents for a Better Bloomington recommend voting NO

° Minnetonka -- to repeal the use of Ranked Choice Voting for municipal elections -- YES 2 Repeal RCV in Minnetonka recommends voting YES